Maya Construction Remodeling Company Chicago

When homeowners think of a remodeling company, Chicago area residents often refer to Maya
Construction because of our ability to deliver excellent quality at reasonable prices.
The reason is that we have the answer to our client’s needs.

Do you deliver quality work? Yes! However, do not ask us! Ask Kim, the client we did the basement conversion for on the Steve Harvey show.

“Maya Construction was great! I could not believe they pulled [our basement remodel] off in such a short amount of time.” Kim on Steve Harvey Show

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How much experience do you have with home construction projects? Since we started 15 years ago, Maya Construction has worked on over 150 bathroom remodels, kitchen makeovers, and basement conversions. We only hire licensed professionals. Furthermore, Maya Construction is licensed, bonded, and insured. Our Chicago General Contractor license is #TCG039361.

Finally, at Maya Construction we are not going to hand you off to some newbie salesman with no construction experience. Instead, the company owners deal directly with all their clients

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Why more people choose Maya Construction?

Because our goal is not just to get your project. Our goal is to deliver quality work at a reasonable price so you will recommend us to your friends. That is why we have quality team of trained, seasoned professionals.

Over the past 15 years, working on 350+ renovation projects we know who works best for your home. We specialize in complete residential remodeling projects. From bathroom, basement, and kitchen remodels to roofing, siding, and more, we know exactly how we can provide your home with the beauty and function it deserves.

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How long does it take Maya Construction to finish a project?

While the answer on that varies depending upon the project, recently
we completed an entire basement remodel for the Steve Harvey
that was finished in four days. However, the speed of work
comes second to the quality of our workmanship.

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Are your prices reasonable?

Yes! How do we know this? Well we have gone up against our competitors numerous times, and found that our prices are not only reasonable, but also save clients’ money over the long haul. Take for example, a siding job for a property in Chicago with weather damage we worked on. The client collected a few estimates from other contractors before starting.

When we reviewed the estimates, Maya Construction discovered that the replacement quality of the siding from our competitors was lower than the value of their current siding.

We are able to provide these lower prices, because we Maya Construction’s management team is the same people who own the company. They have a strong motivation to keep the overhead low on all their projects.

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Can you improve the look and feel of my home to sell my house?

That is a specialty of ours. We just finished a quick remodel for a Buffalo Grove investor who flipped his town home. He listed the property after we finished, and received multiple full price offers the same day. This was not possible without our work.

Maya Construction Means You Are Not Alone On Your Next Construction Project

Maya Construction is the remodeling company Chicago residents choose, because they rally around your project
to take it from dream to reality. Learn more about how Maya Construction services by calling us at 773-305-5789.